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Costa Rica’s Strongest Earthquake in 2016 & Volcanic Activity

Costa Rica News – The tremor of 5.5 degrees from November 30th was the strongest of 2016.

Experts question whether magma could have activated it. Scientists discovered that the origin was in a previously unknown fault.

The earthquake caused landslides from steep mountains. The rocks fell into the river and there were flood warnings as dams were created. The main event then had 2,151 aftershocks in a week.

The fault is right in the middle of the volcanoes Irazú and Turrialba, five kilometers from each.

It’s called Liebres because it crosses a farm with that same name in Capellades, Cartago.

The tremor was only a kilometer deeper than sea level.

The cracks that cut volcanic masses ranged from 4 to 12 kilometers in length and are capable of generating earthquakes with magnitudes up to 6

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