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Costa Rica’s State of the Nation Report

Costa Rica News – Each year, there is a State of the Nation Report in Costa Rica.

Flag of Costa Rica waving in the wind in front of blue skyThis year’s report, which is the twenty-second edition, will be presented today at 4pm at the Franklin Chang Díaz building of the National Council of Rectors, in Rohrmoser, San José.

This study showed that an amazing 28 percent of the country’s jobs are generated in ordinary households. These jobs include street vending, bakeries, etc. This type of work is motivated by the need to generate income to support families, maintaining a family business tradition and in other cases the appearance of an opportunity.

That is just one of the interesting issues addressed by the report. Other issues include greater gender equity than last year but still with a male majority when it comes to entrepreneurship, the percentage of people who work on their own, the informality of the service and commerce section, and statistics on other types of work such as trade and agriculture.

Of all the businesses, only 1 in 3 is run by someone with a college degree. That sure says a lot about the resilience and creativity of Costa Ricans.

The report will be presented in four chapters: social, economic, environmental and political.

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