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Costa Rica’s Snake Farm in Monteverde

Costa Rican Times off the beaten path locations in Costa Rica continues with a place that might creep a few people out, especially if they have a fear of things that slither.  Our next stop is Costa Rica’s Sanke Farm in Monteverde. 

costa rica snake farmWhether you are a snake lover or deathly afraid of them, you can safely get close to them at a snake farm in Monteverde, Costa Rica. This zoo is made up of more than just snakes; it houses many amphibians and reptiles. It’s also a great place to gain knowledge of the fauna of Costa Rica, as the animals are kept in natural habitats.

Some snakes you will see on your visit include the fer de lance, the godman montane pit viper, slender hognosed pit viper, jumping pitviper, black speckled palm pit viper, eyelash palm pit viper, the rainforest hognosed pit viper, side palm pit viper, the mute rattler, neo tropical rattlesnakes, cantils, corals, red tailed coral snake, chinilla, selagic sea snake, false corals, mica, boas, sabanero real, zopilote and false lora. If you are the kind of person who tries to find snakes while hiking through the forest, you will know just how hard that is! It’s worth the trip here to see so many hard to spot ones.

Costa Rica has 15 types of venomous snakes and many more non-venomous ones. More than 2000 people get bit by snakes in Costa Rica each year. The specialists at the Snake Farm warn that you should report all snake bites even if it’s from a non-poisonous snake. Even snakes without poison glands carry numerous bacteria that can cause infections or even tetanus.

The entrance fee is $11 for adults, $9 for students, and children under 7 are free. You can join a guided tour any time between 9a.m.-8p.m. You’ll learn many interesting facts about snakes at Monteverde’s Snake Farm. Here are a few: snakes don’t see, smell, or hear; they sense heat through sensors near their mouths; pythons can go a whole year without eating; there are two types of snakes who feed on other snakes!

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By Kerry La

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