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Costa Rica’s Safest & Most Unsafe Beaches

Costa Rica Travel News – When travelling to Costa Rica there are a plethora of gorgeous beaches for you to experience.  But do not leave you brain and common sense at home or you can get into situations that can endanger your life.

Recently there have been a few accidents on the Costa Rican beaches that have resulted in a tourist losing her arm and costa rican beachesanother died after falling off a horse.  Tourists need to realize that some of the activities they are going to be participating in be it surfing, ATV rides, horseback riding, or others coming with inherent dangers.

When participating in these activities although rare, be cautious and know where emergency services are located in the area.

Local television channel 7 news has presented a list of the safest and most “unsafe” beaches in the country.

Conditions taken into account in the report:

  • The proximity to medical clinics
  • Access to emergency services like ambulance
  • Proximity to fire and police protection
  • Defined evacuation route
  • Other dangers that could exist

The ten safest beaches in Costa Rica:

1. Zancudo
2 .Bahía Potrero
3. Bolaños
4. Coco
5. Mantas Punta Leona
6. Hermosa (Pacífico Norte)
7. Cuajiniquil
8. Platanares
9. Drake
10. Ocotal

The Ten least safe beaches in Costa Rica:

1. Junquillal
2. Carate
3. Tamarindo
4. Grande
5. Langosta
6. Naranjo
7. Carrillo
8. Estero (Junquillal-Santa Cruz)
9. Uvita
10. Gandoca

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