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Costa Rica’s Romeria is This Coming Weekend!

Costa Rica News – Romeria is a tradition that most all Costa Rican Catholics have participated in at least once in their lifetimes.

romeria costa ricaMany take part every year. This tradition is seen as a religious pilgrimage.

It consists of walking to a church in Cartago on August 2nd. The faithful give thanks to the black statue referred to as the Virgin Mary or La Negrita. Followers come from as far away as other countries on foot!

Those planning to make the Pilgrimage in a few days should keep a few tips in mind.

It’s important to wear comfortable, breathable fabrics that protect from the sun and soft sneakers that have thick soles.

You will want to pack a very lightweight backpack, that includes sunblock, fruit or light snacks and a small refillable water bottle. Drink water every 15 minutes throughout the day and every 30 minutes at night.

Remember to warm up before starting the long walk. Stretch all your muscles. Start the walk out extra slow and gradually increase to a comfortable speed. Avoid stopping, as it can make the body get cold.

When you get to Cartago, ice joints if you are experiencing pain.

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