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Costa Rica’s Recope Might Have to “Grinch-Up” Their Christmas Party

Costa Rica News – Ever wonder why gas prices are so high in Costa Rica? probably because the consumers are funding large events like Recope’s Christmas party….but this year is different.  The Grinch has messed up their plans.

recope christmas party gas prices costa rica 1Recope, the Costa Rican Oil Refinery, was given just 24 hours to show how it plans to finance its employee Christmas party, since it was told it is not allowed to use money paid by consumers.

Aresep decided that the public should not pay for this party since it is not directly related to the public service. This type of spending was referred to as “unnecessary” and “abusive.”

The president of Recope put a stop to the planning of the activity meant for 300 workers. It was to be an elaborate denim and checkered blankets themed party that would have cost ¢6.8 million.

The company was denied funds on September 24th but attention was brought to it again when flyers for the event were spotted. They must account for how it will be financed internally, without using funds from the collective agreement.

Last years’s Christmas Party costs consumers almost $55,000….

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