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Costa Rica’s Philharmonic Tribute to Bob Marley

Costa Rica Entertainment – The Philharmonic is going to do a tribute to Bob Marley at Parque Vivo on September 23. Tickets for this The Songs of Freedom show are coveted.

Fotos Melissa Fernández Silva

It might well be the concert of the year.

This set was performed before at the Teatro Melico Salazar and was a hit. This is the last concert of these songs, so it will be an unforgettable night. It will be at 7 pm and will go for about 2 hours.

The public is sure to sing along to the 19 songs. It will be an emotional experience full of good energy.

The concert is so complete, it’s bound to include your favorite Bob Marley jam.

In a press release, Parque Viva reported that tickets for this show are on sale at at prices ranging from ¢15,000 for the 500 section to ¢29,500 for the 103 sector.

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