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Costa Rica’s Philharmonic Orchestra Will Perform Juan Gabriel Tribute

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Juan Gabriel is a name we all know. He’s one of the best Latin American composers. He’ll be honored from Sunday to Tuesday by the Philharmonic Orchestra at the Melico Salazar Theater.

juan gabriel costa ricaThe hardest thing was for them to chose which of his songs to perform. In order to play the best ones, they’d have to perform for a week straight! His legacy includes over 1,000 songs. His works have even been translated to Turkish and Japanese.

They held an audition for singers. The ones they chose will do their own renditions of his songs, since his style is not easy to replicate. It is said that he makes the difficult look easy. The group’s rendition will also focus heavily on the strings and brass.

Juan Gabriel has rightly been called one of the best representatives of Mexican music worldwide. In 2009 he was the recipient of a Latin Grammy award for personality of the year.

You can get tickets to the tribute at

They are priced from ¢15,000 to ¢25,000.

Performances are at the following dates and times.

Sunday 14th of December – 6 pm

Monday 15th of December – 8 pm

Tuesday 16th of December – 8 pm



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