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Costa Rica’s Parque De Diversiones Giving Back

Costa Rica News – Going to Costa Rica’s Amusement Park, Parque Diversiones, is not only fun for the whole family, it is also a way to give back to the community. ¢200 million goes from the park to the Children’s Hospital annually.

The pass for the park is ¢8,000 for those who want to ride all they can, or tickets can be bought individually.

Revenue goes to supporting machinery operation and employee payments of course, but the philanthropic donations that our ticket costs allow are quite outstanding.

The park voluntarily donates 20% of its profits to the Children’s Hospital, a clinic that always needs new equipment.

The need for equipment was what gave rise to the initial idea to donate.

So far, over ¢7 billion has been donated.

That amounts to an average of ¢200 million per year, or 20% of the parks annual income. Considering how costly it is to run rides, especially the water ones, this is a lot.

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