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Costa Rica’s Online Tax Filing System Becoming Popular

Costa Rica News – The Virtual Tax Administration (ATV) website from the Ministry of Finance has so far registered 11% of the country’s taxpayers.

paying taxes costa ricaThis figure was reported on October 13th. The ATV began accepting registrations on October 4.

The company has reported 55,785 recorded registrations and 42,314 tax returns. The ATV replaces the EDDI-7 program and is improved because there is no need to download software.

Taxpayers simply register on the platform and submit their information. Before entering the site one should check the expiration date of his ID, because a valid ID is needed. Then simply input economic activity, contact information and details of any legally authorized representative.

The Ministry of Finance is very happy with the response from the people as well as with the fact that the program seems to be running smoothly.

There are no delays related to the program. All delays are from entering outdated data that is not recognized.

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