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Costa Rica’s New Wildlife Crossing Signs

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is trying another way to help protect is animals. This time on the roads. 

wildlife crossing sign costa ricaOn the highway to Jaco you will notice something new just after passing the Tarcoles River bridge.

A new traffic sign was placed there, as well as after the entrance to the Carara National Park.

The signs signal the passage of wild animals. Drivers should slow down to see animals and avoid injuring them. Protected areas are home to numerous species, none of which know how to cross streets.

Minae, MOPT and SINAC worked together to place the first two such signs in the country.

In other areas local tourism initiatives have put similar signs but there was no uniformity and many places lack the signs altogether.

Studies were done to see where the signs are most needed. The country needs over 100 but as they cost $300 each, they authorities chose to start with the places with the highest number of animals injured or killed.

For example, in Carara National Park 5,911 animals died between 2010 and 2011.

Most were trying to cross the road for food or reproduction, not realizing the danger.

Photos from La Nacion


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