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Costa Rica’s Idea to Stop Teen Pregnancy

Costa Rica News – We can be happy that Costa Rica has finally admitted that they have a problem, that is step one in the AA program as well. The real question is will this do a dang thing…the answer is probably a resounding no.

teen pregnancy costa ricaCosta Rican launched a public awareness campaign aimed at reducing the number of teenage pregnancies.

The program, launched by the Costa Rican Health Ministry and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), hopes to reduce the 13,000-16,000 births by teenage mothers that take place each year, close to 16 percent of all childbirths in the country.

You can also add to your figures that over 500 babies are born to women under the age of 15 each year in Costa Rica.

“It’s Not going to Happen to Me – Decisions have Consequences,” will be broad casted on television and radio spots in coming days. So basically the solution to teen pregnancy in Costa Rica is 30 second commercials. When will someone actually think?

“This is to tell young men and women that their decisions have consequences, and that they should try to make responsible and safe choices,” campaign promoter Óscar Valverde told local Radio ADN.

He added that, “We also have to provide the conditions that allow teenagers to make those responsible decisions.” That includes integral sexual education, promoting the rights of teenagers, and promoting a society that allows adolescents to “live free from violence, as many of the pregnancies are the product of abusive relationships,” he said.

Ok, now let’s actually break this down for those Costa Ricans that think this will do anything.

Latin America and the Caribbean are ranked second in terms of the teenage birth rate, surpassed only by Sub-Saharan Africa. This means that you have a serious problem.

You must separate the catholic church from making education decisions for your children.  Yes sex education is now going to be taught in schools, but it is voluntary.  We all know how voluntary activities work in Costa Rica, voluntary means very little participation. Those kids parents that decide that they do not want them to attend will probably get a period off and be outside making out in the bushes…….helping the teen pregnancy rate stay high.

Many of these children getting impregnated at early ages are being sexually abused and raped by family members.  Do you think these sexual predators give a rats ass about “Decisions have Consequences”? Perhaps if you ran a campaign that shows that turning in your family member that is raping a child in your family is the right thing to do might be good.

Finally, how about instilling the knowledge in your children that your “Decisions ACTAULLY have Consequences” in your own home. When your teenage daughter gets pregnant do not allow her to leave the baby at home while she goes out with friends, or carry it in public… them that there really are consequences to their actions. This goes for much more than teen pregnancy.

Decisions have Consequences should be a campaign run about many things in Costa Rica but it starts at home and being able to teach sexual education in schools.

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