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Costa Rica’s New Educational Video Game

Costa Rica News – CanuArts brought a video game called “Secretos de la Madre Tierra” to the Ministry of Education  (MEP). Students can now “get into the skin” of a Costa Rican indigenous person and decrypt seven mysteries using clues from nature.

costa rica indigenous culture 1The role play allows kids to learn and put their knowledge to the test. Sacred animals from indigenous cultures represent each level. Each time a mystery is unlocked the character returns to the present time. In a high level, he can fly a spaceship.

Throughout the game users answer questions about subjects like social studies, math, and science. The game is fun and educational. It uses a cultural worldview to develop ideas in math and science. The landscape in the game is colorful and exciting.

The goal of the game is to keep kids interested in learning. It’s in a beta test now but can be seen at

It’s not the only technological resource available to students, as there are 360 photo tours, games, and videos on MEPs website.


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