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Costa Rica’s National Theater Sets 2014 Schedule

Costa Rica Arts & Theater – Costa Rica’s National Theater is, perhaps, it’s most beautiful building. It’s history, architecture, and art are inspiring. Each season they put out a schedule of events that we can look forward to in the upcoming months.

teatro_nacional costa ricaThe most recent agenda was just released, and on it there are over 300 functions, including music, dance, and theater presentations. One of the surprises they had in store for us is the Children’s Choir of the Paris National Opera.

There will also be the traditional performances, that get better each time, like the National Symphony Orchestra and The Nutcracker ballet. In addition to the 300 public events, there are numerous private functions.

Adriana Collado, the theater’s director, stated that, “We developed the program by performing a quality assessment on the proposal of the shows in an attempt to offer a variety of genres.” One of the events I’m most looking forward to is the premiere of the opera Nabucco, by the National Lyric Company.

Check out Teatro Nacional’s 2104 Schedule 

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