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Costa Rica’s National Stadium Needs To Cure a Noise Problem

Costa Rica News – The National Stadium opened in March 2011 and while some neighbors are glad to live so close to where the best games and concerts are held and others make money renting parking spaces, perhaps just as many, if not more, of the neighbors are uneasy about the level of noise created.

The administration was recently given just six months to submit a noise mitigation plan to the Ministry of Health.

They must be responsible for the affect the noise generated in the enclosure has on the surrounding community.

The Ministry of Health will have to review and approve the plan as well as ensure that it is correctly followed through, in accordance with the Constitutional Court ruling No. 2015-004291.

The administrator of the Stadium explained that there was a noise mitigation plan designed by the previous administration that may be used or modified with the Ministry of Health.

costa rica national stadium


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