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Costa Rica’s National Soccer Team “La Sele” Now Ranked 13th in the World According to FIFA Rankings

Costa Rica Sports – We were all impressed back in August when La Sele attained FIFA’s number 15 rank. Now they have broken a new record. They found out Thursday that they are now ranked 13th for this month.

After their impressive performance at the World Cup in Brazil, Costa Rica is no longer the cinderella story as they continue to gain world respect. Brazil Soccer WCup Costa Rica England

They started last year in 32nd and ended in 16th so the jump is a sharp rise and a definite barrier broken. Confidence is up as they remember the World Cup and look ahead climbing closer and closer to a top 10 spot.

Costa Rica is by far the leader in CONCACAF. Mexico is in 21st and the US is in 31st. Costa Rica’s new coach, Paulo Cesar Wanchope, wants to make sure this story doesn’t end with a celebration rather with a calm sense of focus on the work to come as they grow.

In case you missed it, here is FIFA’s top 20 of February 2015:

1. Germany

2. Argentina

3. Colombia

4. Belgium

5. Netherlands

6. Brazil

7. Portugal

8. France

9. Uruguay

10. Spain

11. Switzerland

12. Italy

13. Costa Rica

14. Chile

15. Romania

16. England

17. Czech Republic

18. Algeria

19. Croatia

20. Ivory Coast

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