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Costa Rica’s Moin Port Opening Will Be Delayed

Costa Rica News – The opening of the Moin megaport will be postponed, as nearly everyone assumed from the start would happen.

The new expected date is June 2018. The initial delay of three months has therefore doubled.

APM Terminals announced several construction defects back in April, indicating the first delay.

The Dutch firm now believes the remedies will take six months, according to Kenneth Waugh, general manager of the company.

The defects are related to a group of piles of the new platform that have tilted irregularly, damages in 20 meters of the breakwater and poor compaction of the surface of the 40 hectare artificial island.

The new port is a $1 billion investment plus a $2,000 penalty for each day delayed.

It will generate 600-650 direct jobs. It will be able to receive boats with capacity of up to 8,000 containers.

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