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Costa Rica’s Melissa Mora & Banton Will be Presented at The Billboard Latinos Music Award Showcase

Costa Rica Entertainment News – It is a good thing that Melissa Mora is pretty because in my opinion she cannot sing worth a flip, but I guess some people think she is actually talented. You can develop your own opinion by listening to the video below.  

melissa mora and banton 1Banton has talent and Melissa has mastered the use of the auto-tuner……..she better not get ugly as her career will be over.

Costa Rica singers Melissa Mora and Banton will be presented in the Billboard Latinos music award showcase on April 27th in Miami.

They’ll perform at a special private show just for producers, record labels and international press.

The Billboard Latin Music Conference will take place at the Ritz Carlton South Beach and will be all about showcasing new talent in the industry. Banton considers this stage as very important for his career.

Mora thought it was a joke until she got the signed contract to be included. It was the most important news in her career so far.

She was discovered at an event in Honduras and that contact took her this far.

Both artists are invited to a gala afterwards. It will be held at the BankUnited Center at the University of Miami on April 30th.

Romeo Santos is the big name at that event as well as Jennifer Lopez who will sing a tribute to Selena.

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