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Costa Rica’s Medical Records Going Digital

Costa Rica Health News – There are mixed reviews about electronic medical records. Who could potentially gain access to our personal information? That issue aside, most people would like an electronic record so they can get care in multiple places, without having to gather tons of paperwork.

digital medical recordsThe EBAIS in Puriscal is one of the 42 health areas that has already begun operating a new Integrated Health Record System (SIES, for the Spanish acronym). Doctors there are able to tend to their patients with greater ease and make a diagnosis based on additional information, having notes from previous doctors at their fingertips.

The platform will be even more useful when it incorporates lab results, medical images, emergency room records and pharmacy records, all of which is set to be included by the end of the year. They’ll even be able to write electronic prescriptions.

The project was started during the Chinchilla administration, and it is 37% complete. There are 5 years allocated to fully developing SEIS. By the end of 2016, all EBAIS’ should have the digital files.

After that, they’ll be available at national and regional hospitals, as well.

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