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Costa Rica’s Lawsuit Against Nicaragua

Costa Rica News – In front of the International Court of Justice, Costa Rica denounced that Nicaragua violated its territory by placing army members on the beach between the lagoon Los Portillos and the mouth of the San Juan river.

The lawsuit was filed on January 16th.

In addition to seeking the expulsion of the soldiers, it also aims to confirm Costa Rican sovereignty over several hundred square kilometers in the Caribbean Sea.

Daniel Ortega claims sovereignty over the extreme north of the Tico territory, according to a diplomatic note of 2016.

There is one bar of in front of the lagoon that both nations agree belongs to Nicaragua. That’s about all the two countries agree on.

There is said to be damage on Costa Rican territory since the Nicaraguan army arrived on it.

It went over the border by 100 meters. Costa Rica wants damages to be paid for. The debated land is about 3 miles but also includes maritime territory.

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