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Costa Rica’s Kivú Lion Getting Moved To a Bigger Home

Csota Rica News – The lion Kivú is retiring. He will no longer be viewable to the public at the Simón Bolívar Zoo, as he has been moved to Zoo Ave.

kivu-the-lion-costa-ricaHis new home will offer him a better life and one that is more adequate for an animal of this species and size.

He used to live in a cage that allowed him less than 70 square meters to move about in. He stayed there for 18 years.

He’ll now have an enclosure that is 300 square meters so he can run around.

The place he was transferred to on Monday, by using anesthesia, is a more natural habitat.

It contains vegetation, a cave, logs, various platforms and a water pit. It’s built to international standards.

Over the next three weeks the animal will adapt to its new environment with the help of biologists, veterinarians and large species specialists.

They’ll observe diet and behavior to ensure that Kivú adapts well to the environment which will allow challenges and comfort that will maximize psychological health.

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