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Costa Rica’s “Jala de la Piedra” Celebrating the Bribri Culture

The “Jala de la Piedra” is one of the most important cultural activities that takes place in the Bribri culture. The “piedra” is the large, heavy stone used by the whole community to grind flour, wheat, and coffee. The community all comes together to move the stone into place. It is very symbolic, demonstrating how the community has to all work together as one in order to succeed and survive.

jala-de-la-piedra-costa-ricaVery few tourists ever have the opportunity to visit this breathtakingly beautiful area of the indigenous reservation. Just the journey alone is very special. The Bribri tribe members are very shy, but they love sharing their unique culture with others. 

As it’s pretty near impossible for a tourist to figure out how to arrive and to understand what is happening, we decided to put together a group so we can all go together. The all-day tour includes round-trip transportation from the center of Puerto Viejo, a full breakfast in Bambu, and an experienced guide.
For more information about the actual event, please contact Marvin Amador at 8335-3070, or Danilo Layan at 8319-8757.
For more information about the tour (getting there, the meal, etc.), please contact José Barquero by email at, or by phone at 8837 5841.
Anyone interested in joining us can see this web page for more information and to sign up. I’ve attached some pictures for your use, should you be interested.


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