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Costa Rica’s Isla Plata to Become Protected Area?

Costa Rica Conservation News – The City Council of Santa Cruz City has asked SINAC, the National System of Conservation Areas, to declare Isla Plata a protected wildlife area, which would effectively prevent a future concession attempt.

isla plata costa ricaThis island is off Punta Salinas in the Pacific region. It was given concession in 2008 but the Attorney General’s Office overruled the decision and requested that no similar proceedings be filed, since the municipality does not have the jurisdiction for such actions.

Yolanda Acuna, a member of PAC, stated, “This new agreement aligns the City Council administrative tasks with the law in force, and fills us with optimism because we can guarantee the protection of island Plata and preservation for future generations.”

SINAC’s director said they are now in “the process of discussion and technical guidelines to determine the most appropriate category management.” The main hope is that SINAC will declare it protected but the administration would lie within the township. It’s a new category and there are not yet any areas registered like this.

Both the township and SINAC care to protect the 15 species of native dry forest trees, 32 bird species, howler monkeys, turtles, and 83 species of echinoderms, like starfish, sea cucumbers, and sponges.


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