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Costa Rica’s International Arts Festival Is Arriving

Costa Rica News – The International Arts Festival is upon us, with plans to bring talent from all over Europe and Latin America to impress us and bring joy to those of all ages.

FIA 2017 will start Thursday June 29, with a huge concert at Plaza de la Democracia.

The party continues after the first night with a full day of fun. For the next two weeks, dancers, actors, acrobats and puppeteers will be all over the heart of the capital, in theaters, parks and even on the street.

The agenda includes 41 theater, dance and circus shows. 36 performing groups are to be presented at the festival. Seven of them are from the invited country of the year, Argentina.

Ticket costs for most performances are ¢7,000, regardless of seat location. The Children’s City in Antigua Aduana will cost just ¢2,000 per day for admission.

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