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Costa Rica’s International Airport To Have Terminal for Domestic Flights

Costa Rica Travel News – The Juan Santamaria International Airport is getting a new terminal strictly for domestic flights.

juan santamaria airport domestic flightsIt is going to have two ramps for waiting aircraft. Phase one started yesterday, with the top floor which has access for passengers and retail space.

The lower part will be an operations center and lounge for handling emergency situations. The structure has 2,800 square meters.

The company will also add two boarding gates on the east side of the international airport.

A new fire station will also be added to the airport. These projects require an investment of $20 million. This money will be paid back by rents paid by businesses and will not be reflected in the cost of flights.

They are expected to complete these additions next year.

The Tourism Minister is satisfied with the changes and sees potential for even more expansion in this airport and in Liberia.

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