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Costa Rica’s Incredible Animals

Costa Rica Travel – One of the biggest reasons that people venture in between in Costa Rican borders is to catch a glimpse of the incredible flora and fauna that is on display in the rain forests and on the coastlines. 

costa rica animalsWhat kind of animals do you picture when you think of Costa Rica? Are you thinking of rainforest animals, marine animals, dry forest ones? Everyone who visits Costa Rica leaves with the memory of an encounter with some animal! This past weekend a friend of mine had a chance to feed a monkey from a boat. The monkey held his hand and looked him right in the eyes! Such cool experiences are not so hard to come by in this magical wonderland of animals. Let me tell you about some of the many wildlife species you may find here.

Monkeys are perhaps the most sought after animal to come across in the wild. There are 4 kinds found here. The White-throated Capuchin Monkeys have dark brown and black fur except for on their faces where they are white. They live in groups of 5-30 and are aggressive in defending their territory. Howler Monkeys will be noticed by their loud roars! They are actually the loudest land animal in all of the world! Spider Monkeys have long bodies and interesting tails. Their tails have padding like our fingertips on the end. Lastly, Squirrel Monkeys are also known as Titi. They are found in the rainy season with Capuchins, however, when food gets harder to find they are enemies. While you are looking up to the tree tops to spot monkeys you may come across a slow moving animal called a Three-toed Sloth. They never leave the trees! They bask in the sun and digest their food super slowly. They move from tree to tree only every 1-2 days.

Now for some land animals. Anteaters have fierce claws to rip open the nests of termites. You can see them on the ground or hanging upside down on low branches. Six endangered cat species live in Costa Rica. They are rarely seen and maybe that’s a good thing. How would you feel if you came in contact with a puma or a jaguar? Tapirs have a rare appearance that mixes the look of an elephant, rhino, and pig!

Bats are hard to find because they avoid being out during the day or on a night with a full moon. They are harmless but tend to fly into people who go in caves. 300 pound sea turtles, poisonous snakes, frogs, caimens, and large iguanas are a few of the amphibians and reptiles searched for in the various ecosystems sustained by Costa Rica.

Bird lovers are at home in Costa Rica because there are countless species. For example, there are 16 species just of hummingbirds! Insects are also a great part of the wildlife in this beautiful country. Some museums have collections of butterflies and other less beautiful and scarier insects!

You won’t want to miss out on the Costa Rican marine life. Two oceans and various rivers and lakes allow the opportunity to spot stunning marine life. Dolphins, whales, and manatees are rare but possible to see from a boat in the south. If you are brave enough, try scuba diving with sharks!

By Kerry La

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