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Costa Rica’s Idiot Evil Kenevil (Video)

Costa Rica News – Well here is an example of the solid police work that is done in Costa Rica as well as the stupidity of some people on this planet and in Costa Rica.  In a few weeks this kid will probably have a new video out called “Gore on the Highway.”

costa rica motorcycle driverA motorcyclist in Costa Rica circulated a video  in which it appears he is doing dangerous maneuvers at high speeds on the General Cañas highway, the road connecting San Jose to Alajuela.

The risky driving  not only endangered his life, but that of the other drivers, caused the condemnation of hundreds of Facebook users after it was posted.

The subject is not identified in the video, also the motorcycle does not have plates and apparently, this vehicle was not street legal being that the motorcycle lacked lights and mirrors.

The video lasts for nearly seven minutes and covers the vast majority of the General Cañas, even by Virilla River Bridge, also known as “la platina”.

Meanwhile, the director of the Traffic Police, German Marin, explained that there is little that can be done with the video since it does not qualify as evidence……interesting law.

He went on to state that if they had given him a ticket it would have been  ¢ 280,000 ($560) for violating the provision 143 d)  overtaking on the right, ¢ 47,000 ($94)  for high speed, and ¢ 20,000 ($40)  for lack of plates. Good stuff…..this is like saying if we had caught Jack the Ripper, then we would have given him the electric chair.  Awesome!

There is an idea that might actually stop this, perhaps having a single traffic cop stationed in the about 8 miles this idiot did his ride.  Maybe a good idea?

I do not really care if this guy wants to go out and kill himself one day while riding his motorcycle. I am even a big fan of extreme sports, but on closed courses where other people’s lives are not put in danger.  I wonder if even once this dipshit thought about the fact that someone could have died because of his actions.

We all know what would have happened if this moron caused an accident that killed someone. He would pull a Tico and throw up his shoulders and not take any responsibility for his actions. Then he can say, “Why can’t I do it? My government does it all the time.”

Pura Vida!

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One Comment;

  1. Jaime G Vargas said:

    Weird place Costa Rica no doubt. Am sure you all must certainly know that except for speed limits on certain major roads, subject to exacting bribes from those ticketed, there is no real moving violation law enforcement in this country. Never, once have I seen or know of someone being ticketed for reckless driving of every kind of which there is more than plenty in city streets and roadways.

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