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Costa Rica’s Hospital Mexico Closes 14 Operating Rooms

Costa Rica News – Hospital Mexico has had to close 14 operating rooms. The director of the hospital announced the decision after the management board analyzed the findings of a study. The problem is low voltage.

hospital mexico costa ricaWith this problem, there’s no way to be sure that all of the safety systems will continue to work properly. That’s why, director Douglas Montero decided to take that step.

At first, they closed just 7 of the operating rooms, but the situation worsened and by Friday they had to close 14. For the time being, they will operate in the National Rehabilitation Centre in the Hospital de Heredia.

They can also continue to use the two operating rooms in Obstetrics and Gynecology and the one near intensive care at Hospital Mexico. If there is a life or death emergency at the hospital and all three of those rooms are occupied, they can open up one of the 14 closed ones. This is not acceptable for routine surgeries, but as a last option it can be explored.

Patients who have been waiting years for surgeries now must have appointments rescheduled, but safety comes first. The hope is that somehow the dates won’t be too far away.

The 14 rooms will undergo an electrical system repair, on the system that is 46 years old.


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