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Costa Rica’s Franklin Chang Gets Funding From NASA for Ad Astra

Costa Rica News – Over the following three years, Ad Astra Rocket will receive $10 million dollars from NASA in order to develop the VASIMR plasma motor.

franklin-chang ad astra costa rica 1Ad Astra Rocket belongs to the Costa Rican scientist and former astronaut Franklin Chang.

NASA selected three companies to work on high power space propulsion. Chang’s team has worked hard to bring the plasma engine technology to a higher level.

They are now joining NASA to complete commercialization.

The goal is to be able to operate the motor for 100 hours at high power. Tests have been conducted but for only a minute each.

They need an improved vacuum chamber to simulate space conditions without heating up too much.

The money invested will be also be used to improve the infrastructure where the prototype is being tested. Final trials will be done in Houston, where the company has its main base.

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