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Costa Rica’s Florida Bebidas Get Serious About Recycling

Costa Rica News – Since Costa Rica’s government seems to lack the initiative to put in place “green” projects it is the responsibility of private companies to take the first steps.  

florida bebidas costa rica recylcing 1Florida Bebidas is serious about recycling. They are hoping to no longer need any new resin to make bottles.

Additionally, the recycled resin, or PET, requires less water and energy than originally used.

By recycling bottles, they not only save money but save the rivers, lakes and cities from all-too-common pollution.

The material will be treated, disinfected to meet international standards and then reused. It take 1.2 bottles to create a new one.

The company would love to recover 100% of containers, but knows it will take time to reach that goal.

This year they plan to collect at least 60% and they are already at 57%, well on their way.

There are 350 centers for recycling the bottles including municipalities, schools, businesses and independent collectors.

There are eight collection routes throughout the country.


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