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Costa Rica’s Firework Safety Regulations for the Christmas Holidays

Costa Rica News – The holiday season is always full of festivals, tamales and fireworks. If any of those are missing, Christmas just doesn’t seem quite right in Costa Rica.

costa rica fireworks mainWell, after a fire happened in the National Stadium at last year’s Central American Games, our chance to see fireworks was lowered.

The pyrotechnics have accompanied both the tree lighting at the Children’s Museum and the Festival of Light for over a decade, but now organizers face stricter standards. They cannot launch them off of a roof, for instance.

The Ministry of Health is behind the tighter standards. They want to ensure the safety of spectators, especially children. They worked with the Fire Brigade and the Directorate of Arms and Explosives to develop the new procedures.

There are no objections to launching fireworks from the ground in La Sabana,  but launching from high rises on Paseo Colon will not be tolerated. Changes related to safety are great.

It’s nice that they are not taking away the firework displays all together because they really are beautiful.

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