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Costa Rica’s Fashion Week Scheduled for August

Costa Rica Events – Fashion Week is scheduled for August 19-21 in Costa Rica.

costa rica fashion week 2016 1It will be hosted at the Aurola Holiday Inn Hotel in San José instead of at the San José Palacio where it was held last year.

This is already the fifteenth edition of the country’s Fashion Week event, according to the activity director, Juan José Jiménez.

Emerging designers and recognized industry icons will present on the catwalk.

The entrance to the catwalks is set at just 5,000 colones.

There will be parades featuring national and international designers of men, women and children’s clothing as well as accessories.

INA, the National Training Institute, will have its own parade.

Additionally, there will be a program for small and medium textile producers that will have free public access to 30 exhibitions.

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