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Costa Rica’s Envision Festival Has Begun

Costa Rica News & Events – This weekend, 4,000 people will enjoy the fifth Envision Festival, which will be held in Uvita.

envision festival costa rica 2015 1The activity has been sold out for days. International focus is on this amazing festival.

Nobody wants to just read about Envision, they want to experience it. It’s been called one of the 30 festivals to experience before the age of 30.

It’s been compared to the Full Moon Party and Burning Man.

Cultural exchange on the beach…what could be better?

They also provide camping, performance arts, yoga and healing centers, with electronic and world music in the background for all to enjoy and take in.

Thousands of happy faces will have a spiritual experience this weekend.

The rhythms may help some answer the big questions of life.

Dancing can’t hurt that goal, rather it will bring about even more enlightenment.  


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