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Costa Rica’s Cocos Island to Get Speedboat Protection

Costa Rica News – A Speedboat is already being built to help protect Costa Rica’s Cocos Island.

cocos-island-costa-rica 1The speedboat which will intercept illegal vessels in the protected marine area around Cocos Island,will be built in Colombia. We know how fast the drug moving boats speed out of the Colombian waters.

The boat, whose name will Hammerhead, will cost $ 160,000 (about ¢ 86.5 million) and will be in Costa Rica in about 3 months.

“This represents the contribution speedboat and intent of many individuals, companies, and allies who supported this initiative. Thanks to them, the Rangers will have a tool to protect this ocean gem, home to iconic such species like sharks, “said Alejandra Villalobos, executive director of the Foundation Friends of Cocos Island (Faico).

Villalobos refers to the campaign Todos on board, an initiative driven by Faico and Forever Costa Rica Association (ACRXS), with support from Kölbi, La Nacion and Teletica the benefit of the Marine Conservation Area Cocos Island (ACMIC).

In all, they managed to raise $ 223,000 (about ¢ 120.6 million). The $ 63,000 (¢ 34 million) remaining will go to a fund for maintenance to the boat.

ACMIC was advised the National Guard to select the model boat that best fit their needs and budget. For this reason the boat is an Eduardoño 320, which is capable of carrying four crew and eight passengers.

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