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Costa Rica’s Civil Marines

Costa Rica News – Some select Costa Ricans will have the opportunity to spend six months out of the country for training to become megaport operators.

costa-rica-civil-marines-1This career will be useful at the new port in Limon. The group will return in May before departing for another six month training mission.

They are from the University of Costa Rica. They’ll go to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Panama. They leave today in pairs. When the training is complete they’ll take over the tug unit of the Moin megaport.

The students entered college for a civil engineering career, although the major was new and the university did not yet have the necessary equipment to train them. Still, knowing the port was being built was enough to keep students interested in becoming civil marines.

The training to get to this part was physically demanding. At one point they needed to float at sea for 12 hours. Half the class dropped out at one point or another but those who stuck it out are now enjoying the benefits of travel abroad and a promising career.

Svitzer is the leading company in the towing and marine salvage operations field. This company is in charge of the training abroad and is looking forward to the young talent joining its team.

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