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Costa Rica’s Cinderella Story Has Them in Their 1st Ever World Cup Quarterfinals

Costa Rica News – The World Cup today was full of late comebacks and heart breaking losses.  The opening match of the day featured Mexico losing a late lead and then the game in injury time.  Costa Rica down a man seemed almost destined for the same heart breaking loss against Greece, but the Cinderella story of this World Cup came out on top.

greece costa rica world cup 2014 1With chants of Ole Ole Ole ole Ticos Ticos there was a celebratory atmosphere throughout Costa Rica as for the first time during this World Cup in Brazil, Costa Rica was actually favored in a match. Greece and Costa Rica traded scoring opportunities in the first half but neither side could net a goal.

That all changed early in the second half when the Costa Rican captain Bryan Ruiz hit a shot from outside the box after a pass from Christian Bolaños to the bottom right corner of the goal. All seemed to be going in the Costa Rican squads favor until key defender Oscar Duarte was flagged for his second yellow card of the game sending him off the pitch and Costa Rica playing with 10 men the rest of the match.

Greece took advantage of the man advantage with a consistent barrage of shots until Sokratis Papastathopoulos hit a rebound into the net in the 90th minute of the game. After a few more chances the game was sent into extra time.

Greece with the man advantage looked posed to come out with the victory but again & again the Costa Rican defense led by goalie Keylor Navas denied the ball entering the goal. It was only with extreme team work and heart that the Costa Rican side sent the game into penalty kicks.

After each of the 1st three shooters on both sides hit their shots, in my opinion the player of the match and most valuable player for this World Cup for Costa Rica Keylor Navas stonewalled a shot by Theofanis Gekas. Michael Umaña netted the final shot for Costa Rica to send them to their first ever World Cup Quarterfinals where they will face the Netherlands.

Although they will most likely enter that game as underdogs, the Cinderella Ticos have relished the role and will again have the heart of over 5,000,000 countrymen and women supporting them as they walk onto the pitch.

For the US citizens that do not understand the excitement of the World Cup every 4 years, do you feel that heartbeat? That is the pride of the nation of Costa Rica that has been unified by experiencing their first World Cup quarterfinals. It is amazing the positive energy of Costa Rica right now……..

No one is doubting the team from Central America anymore.

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