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Costa Rica’s Biodiversity Threatened by Pineapple Agribusiness

Costa Rica News – Thousands of hectares of Costa Rican forests have been destroyed to make way for multinational pineapple farms, threatening “irreversible damage to the country,” according to the Costa Rican Conservation Federation, or FECON.

According to Mauricio Alvarez, president of FECON, new satellite mapping data released by the government shows 5,566 hectares of forest were destroyed to make way for pineapple farms between 2000 and 2015

“In 15 years, 725,000 trees were cut down, an irreversible damage to the country,” Alvarez told EFE. “It was never possible to file complaints because there was no evidence yet, although communities reported that in just one night, complete forests and animals of all kinds disappeared, buried in the so-called mountain burial tombs.”

Alvarez says that the new data confirms what environmentalists and local communities have been saying for years.

Costa Rican right opposes banning of genetically-modified crops.


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