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Costa Rica’s Bicycle Path

Costa Rica News – The bicycle path in Montes de Oca was previously painted by neighborhood associations and was very well done but has since deteriorated due to a serious lack of maintenance.

bicycle-path-costa-ricaSome stretches disappeared completely.

The Municipality wants to better the conditions and interconnect the cycle path with others in accordance with MOPT.

The cycle path will extend from UCR to various points and then interconnect with the cycle that the Ministry of Public Works and Transport plans for La Sabana.

Connections include Los Yoses, Barrio Dent, Roosevelt Square, and calle los Negritos.

The old bike lane from Roosevelt Square will be increased to go all the way to the UCR train stop.

The project will cost ¢58 million and was approved on Monday. The plan will be complete in three years.

Hatillo and Cartago have already developed similar projects. Cartago even offers bicycle rentals to the public.

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