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Costa Rica’s Bat Jungle in Monteverde

Costa Rica Tourism – We are continuing our of the beaten path activities and places in Costa Rica.  In this article we travel to Monteverde known for the Costa Rica cloud forest and explore the Bat Jungle. 

costa rica monteverde bat jungle 1How does it sound to immerse yourself in the remarkable world of bats? Maybe you would be interested in an exhibit found in Monteverde, Costa Rica called the Bat Jungle. You can watch live bats fly through a simulated jungle environment and learn about their interesting characteristics.

In addition to observing the bats, who you may find quite cute, you can find intriguing sculptures and bilingual displays with interesting facts. Please note that the Bat Jungle is open from 9-7:30 and that the bats are most active around 9, noon, and 3 because those are their feeding times.

You can go on a guided tour with a duration of 45 minutes to see the 95 live bats in their simulated cloud forest at night habitat. The tour is entertaining and educational, focusing on conservation and biology. High tech speakers allow you to hear the echoes of the bats. Kids will enjoy seeing the baby bats while adults learn of the latest discoveries in bat research.

The reviews of the Bat Jungle are outstanding! Some adults at first were reluctant to be so close to “creepy” animals but later changed their mind and didn’t want to leave! Kids and adults alike were animated in pictures with the giant sized bat heads and skeletons.

By Kerry La

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