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Costa Rica’s Aqueduct Fueled by Solar Energy

Costa Rica News – The Guanacastecos are the first in Costa Rica to have an aqueduct that operates 100% with solar energy.

The residents of Corozalito, Bejuco, Nandayure are the ones to benefit from it.

The management association of the local aqueduct system (asada) has been able to replace the traditional form of energy supply with the use of solar panels. This will translate to savings for 55 families supplied by this aqueduct.

The work includes two tanks of 22,000 liters each and a pump of greater capacity to be activated by the panels. The inauguration took place on May 12 and represented a solution to the problem faced by those in Corozalito after the Nicoya earthquake. It had cracked the aqueduct tank, putting the health of residents at risk due to a possible contamination of the water.

An additional problem they were facing was that the aqueduct was at the same height of the houses so the water was often with low pressure or a shortage for those on higher floors of the houses.

Now it comes perfectly.

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