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Costa Rica’s Andrey Amador Continues to Rise to the Top of the Cycling World

Costa Rica Sports – Andrey Amador is a name we will always remember because he was the very first Central American to finish fourth place in the Vuelta Grande.

Andrey Amador costa ricaThe cyclist broke a record in the name of Costa Rica.

He completed the 178 kilometers from Turin to Milan just 9 seconds behind the winner.

He had already been successful in 4 editions of the marathon as well as in the Tour de Francia and Vuelta a España.

He is one of so few Latin American cyclists to be able to finish Grand Tours of world cycling. This year he completed three demanding weeks going over a hilly course at high speeds with team Movistar.

It was not until 3,000 meters from the finish line that it became official that he would finish in fourth place in the overall standings.

It was a close race. Alberto Contador took first place.

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