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Costa Rica’s 3rd Annual Craft Beer Festival in Escazu

Costa Rica News & Events -Everyone around Escazu is looking forward to the 3rd annual Craft Beer Festival, which will occur on April 5th from 11am-5pm. At least 32 craft beers will be available to try. So what exactly is craft beer?

craft beer festival escazuBasically, a craft beer is one that’s produced with natural ingredients on a small scale. In addition, the focus is on creating a gourmet feel by intensifying the aromas and flavors produced.

This festival is the best chance for those just learning about craft beers to taste so many varieties. Seasoned craft beer lovers will enjoy the opportunity to meet the brewers responsible for making Costa Rican craft beers known to the world. The event will include a competition in which all submissions must be in an internationally accepted beer style.

The idea for the festival started with just a handful of craft beer enthusiasts and home-brewers. The beer varieties we will get to taste this year are many: those made with roasted barley, others that are dark and rich, and yet more that include coffee or mango in the flavor, to give it a Costa Rican flare.

The cost for tickets to the festival is 16,000 colones and includes 20 samples, as well as educational seminars.


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