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Costa Rica’s 24th International Music Festival Starts August 2nd

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Credomatic’s 24th International Music Festival is going to be extra special this year. It will feature five groups from abroad, who will perform in Costa Rica. The details were described at the National Theater yesterday, by the director of the festival and the Credomatic manager.

Credomatic’s 24th International Music Festival 1Some of the concerts will be at the National Theater. These will be at great prices, ranging from just 2,000 colones to 35,000. The focus is on the cultural aspect, rather than the financial. Omar Jimenez, Credomatic’s manager, pointed out that a company can only succeed if the country is successful.

The Oregon Guitar Quartet will bring compositions from as far away as Greece, Argentina and Africa. Aspro Dolce is going to play Baroque music. The Chamber orchestra of Fine Arts in Mexico will grace us with their 50 years of experience.

Additionally, the event will feature the Trio of No-Claret, from Catalonia and Andorra, including the violinist and cellist Sergi Jorde Claret. The Vienna Boys Choir will return for their third appearance at the event. They will bring interpretations of classics, music from films and folk music.

The festival runs from the 2nd of August until the 24th.

Although many of the recitals will be at the National Theater, the festival can be enjoyed all around the country. Other venues include

Hotel Holiday Inn Escazú (Plaza Tempo), Hotel Balmoral, Teatro Espressivo (Pinares de Curridabat), Hotel Alta (Santa Ana), Hotel Tirol, Punta Leona, Hotel Villa Caletas, Hotel Gaia, Cristal Ballena (Bahía Ballena), Hotel de Montaña El Establo (Monteverde), Montaña de Fuego (en La Fortuna), Hotel Borinquen (Guanacaste), el Sueño Resort (Sarapiquí) y Rainforest Lodge (Sarapiquí), Universidad Earth, e and thhotel Le Caméléon (Puerto Viejo de Limón).

If you are able to catch one or more of these shows you will be in store for a treat for your ears.

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