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Costa Ricans Support Tax on Carbon Emmissions

Costa Rica News – You have to wonder how this survey was conducted. I am sure they did not ask “If Recope uses a lot of fossil fuels would you be ok in it requiring the tax payer to give more money.” 

carbon emissions costa ricaBut no matter how it was done the survey results have come in and The Clean Costa Rica group consulted 74 people to get a feel for Ticos support or rejection of the idea of implementing a tax on countries’ carbon emissions. A majority support it.

This question is being answered in 78 other countries as part of an event by World Wide Views. The survey is meant to gather opinions of 10,000 people.

The countries hope to agree on a new treaty to regulate emissions and slow climate change at a meeting that will be held in France this December.

This is an issue that societies, not just governments, must own. 94% of Ticos are concerned about climate change, and they are in the company of 79% of people worldwide.

81% of Ticos believe measures should be more ambitious.

Ideas include focusing on adaptation, mitigation, low-carbon energies, investing in public transportation and locally produced food, the creation of more efficient cars, greater protection of forests, better education about climate change, and discontinuing the exploration of fossil fuels.

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