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Costa Ricans Ready to Run the Chicago Marathon

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is ready to impress the world in Chicago on Sunday the 11th of October.

chicago marathon 1447 Ticos are heading there to run the Chicago Marathon. They will compete in this 38th edition against participants from 100 countries.

Costa Rica will be the fourth largest delegation out of all 100 foreign countries. Mexico will send 1,899 competitors. Canada will send 1,225 and the UK will send 494. Brazil will only send 444, even though it’s a country of over 202 million inhabitants.

Ticos have been long time participants of this race. In 2005 Costa Rica sent 104 people, in 2006, 80; in 2007, 119; in 2008, 81; 2009, 145; 2010, 124; 2011, 236; 2012, 293; 2013, 384; 2015, 212. This year’s 447 beats the last years by a lot.

Chicago is one of the most prefered marathons worldwide because people tend to get incredible times due to the flat topography.

It also helps that Chicago is easy to travel to and generally not too expensive as far as touristic locations go.

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