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Costa Ricans Presenting Their Fashion Designs

Costa Rica Entertainment – Daniel del Barco and Sonia Chang created both shoes and articles of clothing that are inspired by the pre-Columbian spheres of Costa Rica.

These Tico designs are to be showcased in a New York fashion show.

The designs are ready to go be presented at Epson Digital Couture 2017. The way they brought their pre-Columbian-esque inspiration to life was by using the technique known as textile sublimation.

There are four shoes and four evening dresses to be shown as a representation of Costa Rica, on Tuesday, February 7, at the IAC Building business center, in the USA, as part of the Big Apple Fashion Week.

The pieces have fun names like Ancestral Treasure and Stellar Map, which relates to the possible correlation between the stones and extraterrestrial life.

The variations in style show the versatility of sublimated tool in footwear.

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