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Costa Ricans Lost at Sea on Way to the USA Illegally

Costa Rica News – Three Costa Ricans have gone missing as they were trying to reach the US illegally in order to fulfill the “American Dream.”  

lost at sea costa ricansEdith Alfaro, Arturo Garbanzo and Eliécer Ruiz are the names of the missing.

On March 26th they had moved from Costa Rica to Panama then to the Bahamas. April 11th was the day they were supposed to head to Miami but the boat began to fill with water while enroute.

A survivor, Luis Guillermo Sánchez, told the story. The group used what they could to float. He got separated from the group. He was found and three consulates worked together to get him back to Costa Rica.  

Garbanzo and Alfaro were working in the US for a few years before being deported.

They were going back to earn a living and be with their daughters who live there.

The search for the missing is ongoing.


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