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Costa Rican’s Daughter Dies in Her Arms While Waiting for Medical Attention at Hospital

Costa Rica News – So Lady Laura and her bandits are focusing on the fact they believe that PANI is not efficient enough while the current health system in Costa Rica is severely flawed.  This is a double standard but when you look at it deeper, the reason is clear.  With PANI the Chinchilla administration has a chance to line their pockets with more money, there is no way to steal money with making the hospitals more efficient.  The victims in this are the people whose children and family members are not being properly cared to and in this case actually died because of neglect.

Nazareth waited hour and a half before she died. This 1 and 1/2 year old child  passed away with the frustrated hopes of being treated at the Max Peralta Hospital in Cartago.

Her mother, Wendy Bristles, 30, reported the death of their daughter to the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) to state that  there was negligence by the medical center staff.

“Nazareth began to vomit and convulse on Tuesday night. In the morning (Wednesday), I called her dad to take me to the hospital and he then left. I arrived at 3:30 am directly to the window and one of the guards told me to wait, to sit down.

“Within 20 minutes I got the paper and was upgraded to Pediatrics. I told the nurse that she (the daughter) was with fever and vomiting, but also told me to wait and that they would be right with us. They took the temperature and weighed her, but the doctor was not even there.

“I had 40 minutes of waiting. When the doctor arrived about four or something, he attended a woman that was in front of me with her son. Nazareth had cold hands and her lips were blue.”

“When the doctor ended with the girl, I said that my daughter was not breathing and he took her and everyone ran, but it was too late … My daughter died in my arms. If they had treated he when I got there That’s neglect from them, “said the mother.

She was  told by the doctors said that Nazareth had very low sugar level and suffered a cardiac arrest. Despite resuscitation, there was nothing else they could do.  How about treat the child when she arrived?

That same day, Wendy went to the OIJ delegation to file the complaint. Bailiffs seized in the hospital medical records of the child.

Judicial authorities also give you time to receive the results of an autopsy to determine the cause of death and whether there was negligence. Well the child was alive when she arrived at the hospital, low blood sugar can be tested and treated rapidly, and that was the supposed cause of death according to the doctors.  Obvious negligence by the hospital and are thoughts and prayers go out to Wendy and her family. At least the OIJ is on top of this and not another enforcement agency, she might have a shot at justice.


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