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Costa Ricans Avoiding Tolls & Putting Lives at Risk

Costa Rica News – Just recently in Costa Rica a man driving a truck tried to speed through a toll booth in Costa Rica without paying.  The result was taming his own life and almost killing a tollbooth operator. All for less than $1. Watch the Video Below.

Toll booth officers can do little about cars that pass without paying. Since there are no resources to pay traffic cops to regulate the toll areas, people often get an adrenaline rush trying to get away without paying.

The toll can be just ¢75 so what’s the big deal about paying it? It is so reckless to speed up in these areas just to save a few cents. Some people do this when they are driving drunk, and others regularly.

Some even try these tricks with kids in the back seat, putting multiple lives in danger, including the toll collector, kids, and other drivers. Toll booth lanes should never be confused for car races.

These moves cause an increased risk of accidents and all drivers should watch their surroundings for drivers acting irresponsibly.

If caught at a roadblock near the tolls without proof of payment, there is a fine of ¢23,000.

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