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Costa Ricans Abandoning Their Elderly

Costa Rica News – Would you be willing to drop your grandfather or grandmother off at a home, take their house and never go visit them? That is the case for many elderly in Costa Rica.

elder abuse costa ricaAbandonment is leaving more and more elderly in either total solitude or the care of strangers. Some families take their elderly to shelters or leave them at home and never see them, not even visiting on holidays.

Over the last three years, 151 complaints of elderly abandonment were reported. Abandonment can cause or worsen many situations in older adults such as health problems and changes in behavior.

Elderly people have been seen in the news assaulting one another. Maybe this could be a cry for help or to be noticed by their families.

The older population is especially vulnerable to mistreatment in public. In July alone, 154 complaints of mistreatment by bus drivers were received.

Other concerning complaints include psychological abuse, physical abuse, and equity aggression, where a person is stripped of his or her property or assets.

The best way to report abuse is by calling 911 so that the complaint will get to the correct authority.

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